Monday, August 26, 2013

Want To Hide Money or Jewelry?

Best place to hide valuables is when they're in plain site! You might think this doesn't make sense, but read below and you'll know what we mean…

A hidden safe clock is perfect to keep money or jewelry in.
Have some valuables such as jewelry or extra money that you want to keep in your home, but don't know where to hide them? We have the solution to your dilemma… A Hidden Safe! But it's not really hidden, everybody will be able to see it, it's just that they will think it's something else… Hidden safes are disguised as many things. Some look like soda cans, others like clocks, books, candles, etc. These clandestine storage items have compartments that you can hide your mula in!
Hidden safes make great gifts and are also convenient for college dorms!
We have many disguised or Hidden Safes to choose from. Some have larger compartments to place your valuables in and some have smaller ones. Each product will have in their detail description page, the size of the area, you can hide your jewelry or money in.
Add this book hidden safe to your bookcase and nobody will know, it's where you store your valuables.
You don't need to buy a huge, expensive chest to hide your money or jewelry in. All our safes are affordable. They range between $7.95 and $38.95! They also make great gifts and are great for college dorms, as well!
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