Thursday, August 29, 2013

Simple And Affordable Lifeguard Stun Gun, Only $21.71

Lifeguard Stun Gun for personal protection, is affordable and only costs $21.71.If you are looking for a basic stun gun with just the essentials and nothing more, you've found it!

This small unit is called the Lifeguard Stun Gun 2.5 Million Volts. But just because it's simple and small doesn't necessarily mean it's not powerful! Simply touching an attacker with this weapon for a few seconds will bring them down to the ground, rendering them helpless and offering women or men an opportunity to escape unharmed.

Pink stun gun for women helps fight breast cancer and also offers 2.5 million volts of self defense.The Lifeguard Stun Gun is affordable and simple to use. It's available in black or the popular pink Breast Cancer color, for women. Below are the features for this small unit.

Lifeguard Features
- 2.5 Million volts
- Small and easy to conceal
- Rechargeable, no batteries required
- Large LED light
- Safety switch
- Rubberized exterior for better grip
- Holster w/belt loop or hide in pocket or purse
- Available in black or pink
- Lifetime warranty

This simple unit is available in black at the affordable price of $21.71. It's also available in pink for $22.46. This last one is slightly pricier because a portion of the proceeds from the pink unit, goes to fight Breast Cancer! So... it's affordable and helps women defend themselves from attackers AND Breast Cancer!

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