Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Perfect Weapon For College

Is your daughter or son going to college this fall? Do you have friends who are? We have the perfect item you can give them and they will not be only surprised, but grateful you were so considerate!

College environment sometimes require self defense weapons.
Photo by Parker Knight
College students need the Mace Pepper Pen for personal protection.It's a gift any college student will love. The Mace Pepper Pen writes AND has pepper spray, for self defense! This attractive silver writing utensil is also REFILLABLE. If the student runs out of the hot spray, they can refill it, no need to buy another pen again! Other people in college will have no idea they have a self defense product. Plus, it's the perfect gift, since colleges are known to have many sexual assaults against women and bullying against male students.

The Mace Pepper Pen, contains 6 short bursts of the hot solution and the spray can reach 5 feet away. This writing utensil/weapon has a protective cap that hides the sprayer. Plus, as mentioned before, it can be refilled! To refill it, they will need the Mace Pepper Pen Refill and/or KeyGuard Refill. It contains 45 grams of the self defense solution!

This is indeed the perfect gift for a student. Nobody will know they have a self defense weapon and they can use it to write with every day!

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