Monday, August 19, 2013

Do You Have A Stun Gun Flashlight At Home?

If you do, can it be used as a weapon against intruders? Why not replace your old flashlight for one that can also offer you self defense and alert others as well!

Consider this unique Stun Gun Flashlight, that offers a strong beam of light and includes a stun gun with 200,000 powerful volts of self defense power. Perfect to use against home intruders! This unit allows for a comfortable distance from an intruder or attacker, because it's 16.5 inches long! This home and personal protection weapon is convenient while you are outdoors, as well. Take it with you when you walk your dog or for instance, when you go camping. It includes a 130db alarm, that will notify others if you get into an emergency situation! It also comes with a red translucent cone that you can attach to the flashlight. This accessory helps you notify others by signaling, when you are in danger or it works as a warning light.

The convenient yet powerful 200,000 volt self defense stun gun weapon, requires 9-volt alkaline batteries, which are not included. It's made with reinforced fiberglass plastic and also has a LIFETIME WARRANTY from manufacturer's defect. Perfect for when you are at home or away!

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