Thursday, August 22, 2013

Unique Stun Gun With Personal Alarm

We say it's unique because there are very few stun devices in today's market that also have a built in 130 dB personal alarm!

Powerful 500,000 volt stun gun weapon for self defense, also includes a personal alarm.
This unit will not only offer you self defense, it will notify others of your dilemma… The Stun Gun 500,000 volts Built-in Alarm, includes a very loud 130 dB personal alarm. It's the loudest allowed for citizens to carry and will probably scare off an attacker. BUT, if that doesn't work, just touching an attacker with this unit for one second, will cause muscle contractions. Keep touching them longer with this powerful weapon and they will eventually loose their balance, muscle control and be totally disoriented or confused… basically, on the ground and in a mental daze!

This stun gun for self defense, also has a disable pin that's attached to a wrist strap. Always use the unit with the wrist strap around your wrist. If the unit is pulled away from you by an attacker and the strap stays on your wrist, the unit will not work! This is because the strap needs to be ATTACHED to the unit, in order for the weapon to work. So basically, the attacker will not be able to use the stun gun against you! This is a great safety feature to have for any self defense weapon!

This powerful stun gun with 500,000 volts and 130 dB personal alarm, is very small. It measures around 4.5 inches tall! It comes with a nylon black holster, belt clip and requires a 9 volt battery, which is not included. PLUS, it has a LIFETIME WARRANTY, from the manufacturer. Carry it in your purse or clip it to your waist, to always be prepared in case of an emergency!

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