Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mace Pepper Spray With TEAR GAS!

Not all pepper sprays have the same ingredients. Some have an extra punch… This powerful self defense unit for women or men, includes tear gas!

Women who take public transportation, should carry pepper spray.

Mace Triple Action Defense Spray Personal Model is great for women's self defense.It demands respect, just by looking at it. The Mace Triple Action Defense Spray Personal Model, encases serious harm to any criminal that want's to hurt women. Spraying this unit in self defense, toward an attacker, will stop him in his tracks. The pepper spray will make his eyes burn to the point that he would have to slam his eyes shut, temporarily blinding him! The attacker will also suffer from an uncontrollable coughing attack. Tear gas contained in the substance will cause profuse tearing and disorientation! All of this commotion will enable you to escape safely from harms way.

This larger Mace 18 gram self defense pepper spray unit with tear gas, contains 10 bursts and can reach between 8 and 12 feet away. It also contains a UV Dye, that invisibly marks an attacker's face. This helps police identify him, if he is captured. The Mace unit also includes a safety cap which prevents it from accidentally discharging. Plus, it contains a convenient key chain for women to carry it, and a belt clip, as well.

Never leave your home without some sort of self defense weapon. Always walk confidently and carry some protection.

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