Friday, August 16, 2013

Are You In Need Of A Large Amount of Pepper Spray?

We have the perfect self defense unit for your outdoor escapades. It's perfect to take with you while you go camping, hiking or walking thru some dangerous neighborhoods!

Streetwise large 9 oz. pepper spray can, for self defense that includes 9 oz. of OC and a UV Dye.This large bottle of self defense pepper spray, demands respect. The Pepper Spray Fire Master, contains 9 ounces of the devastating hot substance. Unlike most smaller units, this pepper spray shoots a mist or fog (like hairspray), not a liquid stream. Simply take the orange safety lock off and shoot! You don't need to have perfect aim to use this powerful unit.

Pepper Spray Firemaster is perfect to use for outdoor self defense.As most of the Streetwise weapons, it contains 18% of pepper spray. Unlike other brands that just have 10%. That's 46% stronger than competing brands! Since this unit delivers a powerful mist or fog that spreads, you can defend yourself from multiple attackers, not just one. But remember to run in the opposite direction and don't look back! Simply aim at the face or upper body of an attacker. Listen to them cry for mercy as the hot substance engulfs their eyes and respiratory organs. They will have to close their eyes shut, due to the burning and have a coughing attack. This allows you to escape unharmed.

This weapon incapacitates for up to 45 minutes! It also contains an invisible UV Dye that police can detect. The UV Dye will help police identify an attacker or attackers if they are captured by them. This UV Dye makes an invisible mark on an attacker. It can be seen by police, under special ultraviolet or UV lamps.

Make sure that children and pets, stay away from this powerful weapon.

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