Monday, August 5, 2013

Pepper Spray Is Hot, Attackers Are Not!

This wonderful natural weapon that humans have used for hundreds of years is simple yet effective for self defense.
Jalapeno pepper chart with the heat of different chiles.
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Ladies, we thought you would be interested in knowing a little bit about that cute little bottle you carry around with you for your personal protection. Apart from it being used by ancient Chinese warriors, it's also being presently used by the United States Postal Service. They started using it as a self defense item, a few decades ago, to prevent dogs from biting mail deliverers!

The Scoville Chile Heat Chart, on the left is a classification of the strength that various chiles have. The Streetwise brand spray we carry fits into one of those categories. It's toward the top of that chart; U.S. Grade Pepper Spray. Well over 5,000,000, for self defense!

Just think of the pain an attacker will go through… Have you ever had a raw Jalapeno pepper in your mouth before? Can you imagine what it would feel like if you rubbed it into your eye balls? Keep in mind that a Jalapeno pepper is just 8,000 SHU (Scoville Heat Units). Our 23% Hard Case and Soft Cases personal protection products, would be at least an extra 5,292,000 SHU! Hotter in the eyes than a real Jalapeno pepper! Plus our Streetwise 18% units would be similarly as painful.

We hope we've clarified for you ladies, how powerful a simple little spray can actually be for personal protection!

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