Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Is Your Neighborhood Safe For Women?

Our society is becoming more and more like a hermit one. Most people live in their own little world, secluded from their neighbors and friends. But us women especially, need to reach out and explore our neighborhoods.

Women should become friendly with police officers in their neighborhood.
Photo by La Citta Vita
It's no wonder that some people suffer from depression and loneliness. The age of communication is progress, but we also should take more seriously, personal contact with others. It helps with our safety, makes us happier and it especially enables us women to rely on others for the occasional emergencies that we sometimes may encounter.

Become aware of who is a sexual offender in your neighborhood.
The more you know your neighbors, the more you will look out for each other. Have you ever met the officers of your neighborhood's police department? Try to become friends with a few officers. They are the individuals that keep our home's safety, in check! They might step out of their way to help you, if you ever need assistance with creepy individuals. Make sure you contact them if you are leaving your home for a few days… Many police officers offer patrolling your street, if they know you are going away for a few days. By the way, have you looked at your police department's website? Most have information regarding sexual offenders in your area. Some show pictures of the sexual offenders and even their exact addresses… You will be surprised to know how many sexual offenders are around your neck of the woods!

Basically, women or men for that matter, need to have neighborhood friendships and develop a sense of community. Not only does safety help keep your mental sanity, you will be happier and your neighborhood will feel like an extended family!

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