Friday, August 9, 2013

Motion Detector Personal Travel Alarm, Only $15.95

This is one of the most unique gadgets that has ever been invented. The potentials of it are endless! Not only does it come in handy for personal defense, but it also protects doorways and other items!

Laptop on left and Personal Travel Alarm on Right

Of course it was built for self defense, to notify others of your emergency. It also includes an LED flashlight, alarm pin with strap and a handy cover for the motion detector feature! That's right, it also detects when something is moved. Be it a hotel door or window, suitcase, laptop or any other item. This Personal Travel Alarm is so handy, we even use it at Women On Guard, to protect our packages when they sit alone at our door entrance! It's perfect to have when you are in a hotel room, college dorm or any other place, where you don't want intruders. Perhaps you have a drawer that contains jewelry or important documents… All you have to do is hang the unit on it. It's that simple.
Convenient Personal Travel Alarm with motion detector, to protect yourself and your valuables.

This wonderful $15.95 Personal Travel Alarm or gadget, as some people call it, is only 2 3/4 inches tall but it can protect you, as well as huge items. Size is not an issue! The unit has an ear piercing 100db alarm and the motion detector can reach up to 10 feet away, with a horizontal detection of 30 degrees. Plus, this little beauty only weighs 1.4 ounces.

The applications for this self defense/motion detector gadget are limitless... Take it with you when you step out, for self defense, or when you are traveling!

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