Thursday, August 8, 2013

They're Beautiful Yet Powerful And Conveniently Disguised

Bet you never knew that a pepper spray weapon could also be beautiful! These disguised, attractive self defense units for women, are a must to keep in our purses. Plus, they help in the fight against Breast Cancer!

Perfume pepper spray purchases, contribute against the fight against Breast Cancer.
But being attractive is just one feature regarding the Pepper Spray 3/4 oz Heart Shape Perfumes! They come with an added punch that contains 18% of the devastating hot substance. Women can aim this at an attacker's eyes and face and watch them cry for mercy! While they are temporarily blinded, due to not being able to open their eyes, because of the pain, we can escape unharmed. It also causes coughing and makes their face burn like hell!

This disguised self defense Perfume Pepper Spray, is not only attractive, but it also has 18% concentration of pepper, versus the average products out there that only have 10%. The almost twice higher percentage makes this women's weapon, even more devastating. It also contains an invisible UV Dye, to help authorities identify an attacker if captured! These pink, purple and black beautiful units contain 5-6 shots and can reach up to 7 feet! They make great gifts, as well!

Purchasing any color of these disguised self defense products, helps with the fight against Breast Cancer. How you might ask? Well, a portion of the proceeds goes towards Breast Cancer research!

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