Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flash Mob, The New Threat Of Violence

Photo by looking4poetry
What is a Flash Mob, you ask? It's when young people organize thru the internet or cell phones, to meet at a certain place and cause destruction or injury. There seems to be a growing trend for this in the United States and in other countries. Young people rioting or going into retail stores and destroying or stealing everything in site! This is all done just for the fun of it or to get some attention.

We believe that this new Flash Mob phenomena started by observing how the Egyptians took control of their country by connecting thru social media or internet and cell phones. But what actually helped a country out of a Dictatorship is now becoming a trend to do the opposite; cause harm and vandalize legit establishments. You could see examples of this violence when London was the stage for these criminal young hoodlums, last week. Earlier this week there was violence in 4 San Francisco subway stations and recently the 7-Eleven store in Maryland, where 28 teenage members of a Flash Mob, came in and pushed items off the shelves and also robbed products. All of this violence by Flash Mobs was planned thru cell phone contact and internet social media communication.

This is a very worrisome situation that can easily escalate. Some cities in the United States have been forced to place curfews against teenagers being out and about after a certain time of the night. The problem though, is that these Flash Mobs can happen at any time of the day. It seems like we are going to need more police officers to patrol our streets and include some hefty fines for those teenagers who decide to gather and commit these violent crimes.
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