Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Domestic Violence on Steroids

Family is one of the most if not the most important factor in our human existence. Domestic violence is a direct attack on this precious union and it seems like it is getting worse. Most of the time, the husbands are the ones that beat or injure their wives and the wife and children are the ones that suffer emotionally. But lately there are more and more, of what we call; domestic violence on steroids. We know that men or women are more prone to violence when they take steroids. That in itself is a big problem, but we are referring to something else.

It seems like every other day, you hear about a "murder suicide". An alarming case of these murder suicides includes a husband and his wife and his children too! It is bothersome to hear that someone takes his or her own life, but to drag in an entire family, is another situation. These murder suicides are the WORST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CRIME, a person can imagine. This is why we refer to them as domestic violence on steroids. And they are becoming unfortunately, very popular lately. No one knows for sure why this is happening, but some blame it on the economy and the frustration that mostly men have, in not being able to provide for their own families.

If you know of someone that is unemployed because of the economy and getting violent, please try to gear them into some sort or free counseling or help. This is a very serious problem that is affecting many families. The economy should not be a reason why families are dying.
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