Monday, September 19, 2011

Mace KeyGuard Pepper Spray with Key Ring

Do you think your pepper spray is too bulky? Well, we have the solution, the Mace KeyGuard pepper spray with key ring, the newest product in our store. Just attach your keys to this small handy weapon and it will become your new key ring! Don't let the size fool you. This pepper spray is backed up by Mace, the oldest, most reliable pepper spray manufacturer. Even though it is small, slightly taller than 3 inches, it can shoot as far as 5 feet! The spray is shaped like a cone, similar to hairsprays. This is more like a mist instead of a liquid stream that most other defense sprays have. You just aim it a someone's face and you can't miss! The Mace KeyGuard will cover their whole face and make their eyes burn so much, that they will have to slam them shut. While the attacker has his or her eyes closed and feeling like they are burning, you can make your safe escape!

This small self defense spray has a hinged cap that flips up so that you can press down the actuator button, and spray it. This pepper spray also has an orientation tab, to make it easier for you to feel where you're aiming at. You can shoot this weapon approximately 6 times! ALSO, not to worry if you run out of the pepper spray solution, because it is also REFILLABLE. You won't have to buy an entire new unit again! The Mace KeyGuard pepper spray comes in pink or black, with a convenient key ring to attach your keys.
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