Friday, September 23, 2011

Prisoners on Death Row

Photo by Rennett Stowe

There's a lot of news lately about criminals in prison and especially prisoners on death row. Much of the information is whether executing a death row prisoner is morally acceptable.

Nobody want's to be accused of killing or executing someone, not even if that person is a prison guard who's job is to ready a prisoner for his death. Many people have mixed feelings about this, including myself. People sometimes think that there is only 2 solutions to the problem, either put the prisoner to death or keep him or her alive until they naturally die incarcerated.

There is and always has been an alternative to this and it is called; LABOR! What ever happened to the practice of having prisoners work or labor for us? Prisoners now are provided with EXPENSIVE GYM EQUIPMENT, to work out with, rather than doing hard work for our society! Lets make them do some physical labor to earn their keep! We don't need to buy them treadmills. Death row prisoners and for that matter regular felons, should help with cleaning up our highways, rivers, railways or whichever work idea a national prison would choose, to help our infrastructure. Heck, let them start installing solar panels! With today's technology, I'm sure there would be no issues with escape attempts.

Instead of executing prisoners, lets make them work for us TAX PAYING AMERICANS!
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