Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We Carry Police 23% Pepper Spray In 10 Models!

Not just 10, 17 or 18%, but 23% concentration of the hot substance for self defense. The strongest defense units civilians can purchase and you can select from several models that also include the Dooney & Bourke units!

Streetwise pepper spray has 23% heat concentration and is available in 10 different models at
These 10 models can reach a distance of 5 to 7 feet. They all contain approximately 6 bursts and include a UV Invisible Marking Dye, for easier identification of attacker, if police capture him or her. Best of all, they contain 23% concentration of heat!

10 Models That Include 23% Concentration Of Self Defense
• DOONEY & BOURKE Holster w/ Police Pepper Spray (4 colors)
• NEW Police Pepper Spray Hardcase 1/2 oz (Black)
• NEW Police Pepper Spray Softcase 1/2 oz (2 colors)
• NEW Police Pepper Spray Zebra Holster 1/2 oz (3 colors)

When using these units for self defense, always try to aim at an attacker's eyes or face. It will make them cry like a baby from all the burning sensation. They also will be temporarily blind, because they won't be able to open their eyes, from all the pain. The 10 model's intense 23% concentration will also make them cough and become totally helpless! Once you have sprayed an attacker, always leave ASAP and don't look back!

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