Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Need A Security Camera But Can't Afford One?

We can offer you a fake or dummy one for your home or place of business at an affordable price of just $15.95. It won't record video, but a thief will still think it's the real thing!

You can deter the most sophisticated thief or burglar by placing one of these affordable Dome Dummy Cameras in your home or place of business. This fake unit has a flashing red light that makes it look like it's real and recording. You can also place it outdoors if you shelter it from extreme weather, heat or moisture. Attach it to the ceiling of your business or front porch of your home.

This dummy unit has the same shell that real cameras have, except for the video capability. There's no wires needed, just 3 AA batteries. The red flashing light can easily be seen at night and will deter a thief or burglar. This fake camera comes with the 2 screws necessary for easy installation and a guide card to attache it to a ceiling or wall. It measures 5" across by 2" high.

It's that simple, affordable and will keep any thief or burglar away from your home or place of business. It's great for preventing vandalism, as well!

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