Friday, February 7, 2014

Hoping Sochi Olympics Goes Smoothly

The opening ceremonies for the Sochi Olympics will be televised on Friday around 7:30 pm EST on NBC.

The Olympic opening ceremonies in Sochi will start today and hopefully no terrorists will be involved during the games.
Jamaican Bob Sled - NBC News
Munich Olympic's Terrorist
It's always exciting to see the Olympic Games, no matter in what country it takes place. But now a
days, unfortunately, there is always a chance that there might be terrorists involved. I personally remember the horror of the Munich Olympics, back in 1972, when I was just a child. How during the games, 2 athletes were killed and nine were taken hostage by terrorists.

Let's just hope that the Sochi Olympics will not include terrorism and all the athletes will be safe throughout the games. It would be nice if these Sochi Olympics take place with ZERO terrorist incidents. This way, the people around the world, can enjoy the games, as it should be.

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