Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pepper Spray with a 90 MPH Punch!

The Guardian Angel PepperBlaster is the fastest pepper spray on the market today. Kimber, the manufacturer, has been around since 1911. Kimber is famous for it's firearms but they also make this non-lethal weapon. 

Since the Guardian Angel PepperBlaster shoots pepper spray at a powerful speed of 90 MPH, it won't just land on an attacker, it will definitely have a punch and since the spray delivery is so fast, it can also go around masks or glasses which the attacker might be wearing! Not only is this weapon powerfully fast, but it also can reach 13 feet. Most pepper spray reach 5 to 7 feet.
Besides being able to go around an attacker's protective cover, there are other advantages that come with this weapon. For example, there is minimal cross contamination or spray back. This is when the spray actually flies back at you instead of toward your attacker. A big problem when there are windy conditions. The PepperBlaster can also be held at any angle when you shoot it. Most pepper spray need to be held upright, like you would hair spray. Regular pepper spray also require to be shaken, once in a while, to keep their pressure. The PepperBlaster doesn't.

The Guardian Angel PepperBlaster by Kimber, has 2 powerful shots, doesn't loose pressure with time and can be used in temperatures between -5°F to +176°F. It also is ergonomically shaped, water resistant, has a handy belt clip and it even has a holster that you can purchase separately.
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