Friday, February 4, 2011

Teenager Beaten by Houston Police Officers

It happened last March and it was captured by a surveillance camera. The video showed Chad Holley, a 15 year old teenager who was being chased, he then gave up and laid on the ground with his hands behind his head. Houston Police that had been chasing him, went toward him and proceeded to inflict what would be classified as police brutality. Chad Holley was beaten, kicked and punched in the video by several police officers for around a minute and a half! This Houston Police brutality was carried out after he was handcuffed and still laying on the ground.

A judge that was overlooking the teenager's court case, requested the video not to be shown to the public. Lawyers argued that the officers would not get a fair trial... But the video was released today by a community activist who was outraged by the abused teenager.

The public should have been able to see this abuse done to Chad Holley by the Houston Police. The court could very well tell, who the kickers and punchers were and who weren't abusive. The judge and police's lawyers had no right in keeping this from the public. In no way would making the video public, jeopardize which police officers were innocent. This proves that the lawyers probably wanted to get them ALL off the hook for brutality!

Do we have FREEDOM OF THE PRESS in the United States or NOT?
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