Sunday, January 30, 2011

Women Armed with Emergency Whistles to Deter Detroit Rapist

PRESS RELEASE:  The Women On Guard™ website donated Mace Emergency Whistles to The Victim’s Assistance Program in Detroit, MI to help women who might be faced with a dangerous situation.

Pompano Beach, FL, January 28th 2011. Due to the frantic hunt by police for a Detroit rapist that has attacked eight women since January 1st, 2011, donated Mace emergency or rape whistles to the Victim’s Assistance Program, a rape counseling center in Detroit MI. The website which normally donates pepper spray since 2007, is providing Mace Emergency Whistles due to certain restrictions on pepper spray in the state of Michigan.

All of the victims of this vicious rapist have been women who use public transportation, specifically buses. These rapes occurred when women were waiting at a bus stop, going toward a bus stop or coming from one. In one isolated case, the woman was in her car and the rapist bumped her car with his car. When she stepped out, he attacked her. The Detroit rapist is of dark complexion and described by the victims as being from 5 foot 8 inches to 9 inches tall. He has attacked black women between the ages of 17 and 33. The attacks have occurred between 7:40 p.m. and 6:15 a.m. There are conflicting statements on his appearance. Some women described him with acne scars or blemishes and others didn’t. Most of the women mentioned he had facial hair.

Meanwhile, Detroit Police have arrested 9 men on various offenses, received many tips and have forensic evidence that might help eliminate or confirm suspects. They have had news conferences in regards to this rapist and mentioned various locations in Detroit where the rapist has attacked. Police are also advising women that if attacked, to call 911 immediately and to keep in mind, not to shower, brush their teeth or clean any part of their body, including under their nails. This will preserve DNA evidence of the rapist. co-owner Susan Eaton wanted to offer some safety tactics for women in Detroit. She mentioned, “Practice the buddy system, if possible, have another person with you while taking public transportation. Keep a self defense product in your hand and ready to use, instead of in your purse or pocket. Remember time is critical, the quicker you can act against an attacker the better your chances for getting away. Walk confidently, show any would be attacker that you are strong and should not be reckoned with. If you find that the rapist is stronger than you, scream and try to disgust him, by urinating or throwing up, tell him you are HIV positive, etc. These are extreme circumstances that call for extreme actions.” sells non-lethal self defense products such as Mace, pepper spray, stun guns, personal alarms and Tasers. The website includes safety tips, hotlines and a Blog. Women On Guard™ also donates on a regular basis to a women’s crisis center or similar cause around the nation.
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