Friday, January 14, 2011

Valentine Shaped Pepper Spray Gift

Bet you've never heard of that before! But we do have pepper spray at that comes in a canister shaped like a heart or Valentine! Not only that, but what we call Perfume Pepper Spray, comes in pink, purple and black colors too.

What a great Valentine gift for your loved ones! Not only is it a beautiful gift but it's also a weapon! The Perfume Pepper Spray is disguised as a perfume or lipstick container. This makes it a self defense product that is totally unexpected by a would be attacker. A woman could pull it out from her purse and no one would know that she was about to pepper spray them! This unique weapon also contains 17% pepper concentration versus 10% that most other pepper spray have. Hotter than most pepper spray, makes it more painful for the attacker and more of a chance to make a safe getaway. The attacker's eyes would burn so much, they would have to slam their eyes shut and also cough up a storm!

This Perfume Pepper Spray weapon sprays up to 6 to 7 feet and contains around 5 to 6 bursts or shots. What a wonderful, caring Valentine gift!
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