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Gun Deaths in the United States Compared to the United Kingdom

This is the year 2011, not the time of the 1800's Wild, Wild West. But you wouldn't know it by counting the amount of people killed by guns in this country! Firearms are a big problem in the United States of America and we need to find a better solution.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) wants all Americans to own a gun and hence be safer. But unfortunately, having so many guns will not make us safer. Contrary to what the NRA mentions, it is actually making our country far more dangerous than we want to admit. Why? Because arming citizens with firearms is the wrong approach. Other countries have taken a different approach toward deadly crime by taking away firearms from their citizens. The results of this action have been astonishingly positive in the number of deaths related to guns. The NRA refers to laws that are archaic by nature, in order to justify American's carrying guns. Unlike the Wild, Wild West, today's civilization is perfectly able to deal with differences amongst it's citizens by going to courts where laws are enforced.

The United Kingdom does not allow it's citizens to carry firearms. Most of their police officers, except for a few, don't even carry guns! United Kingdom police officers rely mostly on Tasers for controlling crime. Due to this less deadly transition made by their police, the United Kingdom has far less citizen casualties than the United States does. In fact this is a trend happening in many civilized nations.

Below are some numbers that don't lie. These are figures taken from legit sources and they reflect some pretty amazing results.

Gun fatalities for the year 2000 
 (Includes suicides, homocides and accidents)

United States: National Safety Council...... 28,163

United Kingdom: Gun Control Network.......... 204

How many more casualties should we withstand in our society before we learn and change our system?

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Anonymous said...

Yes the rapists are raining from the sky, this is why we have to saturate the inner cities with so many guns that you can get em for song. 34 dead a day, just so you can pretend that you are safer. Be proactive, go hunt suspected rapists. What normalizes this insanity is the paranoid redneck notions of uninformed people who live in fear.

Anonymous said...

This has got to be one of the most misguided "articles" that I have ever read.
No statistics back up these claims.
It just boggles my mind that rational people think that becoming an entire nation of unarmed victims will solve anything.

Anonymous said...

Do the research, the facts don't lie or try to put a spin on the outcome. I don't feel like an unarmed victim, but this is a cultural change and will take a generation or two to accept that you don't need a gun in every house, pocket or bag.

Anonymous said...

I would have to suppose that if one were to do a pure numbers count, between 1800s and 2011, it would surely be astonishing. However, if you do an apples to apples comparison of the number of persons killed by guns in, let’s say 1885 per total population of the United States at that time and the number of persons killed by guns in 2011 per total population it might tell a different story.

Just a sideline here, the number of person killed in Automobile accidents in 2011 was over 32,000. Don’t you suppose we should ban cars too?

Numbers are numbers, and are usually skewed to the advantage of who is doing what with them. The real issue here isn’t guns there are many different aspects to the “gun violence” problem. If you did a hard analyses you would have to conclude that criminals and violence are one of the major factors of “gun violence” and persons who commit mass murders are not, percentage wise, that high of a number. The problem is that when these dastardly incidents happen they are always on innocent victims and always made into media circuses.

You rarely hear, at a national level, a few gangbangers doing each other in via firearms, or Police doing in bad guys, because the numbers are very much lower. You hardly hear of accidental shootings for the same reason, and you’ll never hear of a good guy defending his or someone else’s life by doing in a bad gay with ill intentions.

Now to the meat of the matter, if you allow government to seize or ban guns, you will have allowed government to circumvent the Second Amendment and defeat its purpose. Liberty and Freedom has a price and Americans have paid that price since the inception of this Republic. Why do you think that no enemy has invaded American since the last bunch tried in 1812? If the citizenry have no access to self defense, then only the Government and the Criminals will and the honest law abiding citizen will be nothing more than a slave to the Government and a victim to the Criminal.

The issue is not to ban the guns, but to ban the criminal. You really need to tread carefully when you begin to ban thins and trample on the Constitution. Liberty and Freedom are fragile commodities.

Anonymous said...

how many abortions performed by planned parenthood? 300,000+

Anonymous said...

In 2011 over 30,000 people died because of car accidents. Of that number 12,272 were do to DUI. How about we bring back proabition. In 2011 over 37,000 people died from miss use of drugs, and states are legalizing the use of marijuana. Where is your stance on those issues?

Anonymous said...

drugs are illegal but people die from them all the time. driving drunk is illegal but people die from it all the time. speeding is illegal but people die in high speed accidents all the time. all making guns illegal will do is cause law abiding people to get rid of their guns and criminals have another charge to get smacked on the wrist for. we have been fighting a drug war for years and have more drugs now than ever. why start a gun war so will will have more gun crimes than ever.

Anonymous said...

Can we possibly convince our fearless leader to set the example by disarming his bodyguards?

Anonymous said...

First: Why did you go back to 2000 instead of getting available 2010 or 2011 stats from the FBI (I realize the article was written in 2011). Now to bring you up to date: 2011 - 12,644 homicides. 8584 were by gun. 650 were by police or in self defense. So now you are left with 7900 gun homicides. The FBI estimates that 75% are gang related. So that leaves 2000. in a population of 360 million. 0.55 per 100,000 law abiding citizens.

Anonymous said...

30,000 gun deaths of which 60% were suicides. That 30,000 figure includes self defence by civilians and police. Homocide deaths are 11,000 a year and of that number the majority of the victims are have police felony record. Look up the facts.

Anonymous said...

While driving a car Iam in-control and I have an equal weapon and know how to avoid another on-coming weapon (car). I can steer our of the way. While attending a 1st grade class in the Newtown school I am interested in the teacher and do not notice a crazy man shooting and AR 15. Or maybe I am watching a movie in Colorado theater and do not see another person pointing another AR 15 at me. In just these two case there were 38 humans killed, plus dozens of guiltless beings wounded. It is not to rid the guns, just the AR 15's and other assult weapons that are capable of firing more than 10 rounds with out reloading.

Anonymous said...

32,310 U.S. Automobile Related Deaths - 2011

1.2+ MILLION U.S. Abortions - 2011

30,247 Gun RELATED deaths U.S - 2010

So, what needs to be regulated, restricted, or banned?

Anonymous said...

chicago washigton d.c. have some of strictest gun laws in united states but does that stop criminals?no a criminal is gonna get guns any way they can,from either here in the US or getting them from the american governments gun handout to cartels in mexico,,they will walk in but not out,well look at the deaths this year alone in chicago children cant even walk around any more cause criminals getting illegal handguns and what about the guns the government handed out to cartels coming back across the border killing police,border patrol and civilians??i think people have the right to defend themselves from all threats foreign and domestic whichever way they choose,and what biden said lmao no real criminal WITH a gun is gonna run from a 2 shot shotgun or a 6 to 8 shot revolver unless u shoot them, especially when said criminals are toteing ak's and other automatic weapons. people need to wake up the more guns taken away the more victims we will see, people are inherantly bad but it takes us to make them learn better ways from childhood onto adulthood and there has been many many cases where guns have saved female lives, and alot of those 20k deaths are police officers defending themselves from gun weilding criminals and from criminals themselves so whats the sence in banning something that mexico will give to criminals for small amounts of money and power so takeing guns away is not the answer to the problem, and the tragedy at sandy hook saddens me alot the guy who did that to all those inocents was mental and stole the guns he didnt register and buy them he killed his mother for em so again a criminal, so dont tell me law abodeing citizens caused that cause they didnt it is one insane person who has snaped who does the shootings not law abideing citizens who actually get registered guns, same with the kid from he was mentally unstable and was known to be mental so dont blame guns for criminality and mental ways of thinkin they are just tools like a knife or a hactet or a hammer or car anything can kill it dont take a gun to kill it takes a person who snapped and will use anything to kill not always handguns,what about the lady who saw her husband cheating she snaped and ran him over with car, what about the man who broke into the ladies house in new jersey he could have killed her NOT useing a gun it shows he was chokein her looks like he didnt need a gun to try to kill her seems his fists feet and a phone coord almost did the job. the deaths in this country arent always gun related look at all the stabbings the run downs by cars the beatings with blunt objects, like i said anything can kill, its the people who kill the guns are just the tool, the guy in china hurt alot of people using a knife he was mental and used a tool to do what he wanted to do no gun so it dont matter whats used its all tools in one way or another, kids choke on toys and parts does that mean the makers intentionally killed them ??? no it doesn't anything can kill is all im saying not just handguns. but yet i never see on news or any other pro government agenda biased agencies on how many times guns have saved lives used by normal civilians and police officers they dont tell that, they also dont tell how many guns have come from mexico cause of the failed border policies or the failed government undercover ploys that fail,it makes me sad to see my country fall apart and turn into a no mans land where my kids cant even go play down the street at a friends house cause of gang wars or some other people goin mental. it has been proven areas with more legal gun owners have less gun crimes cause the criminals dont wanna chance it,i know of personally 15 people who have been saved BY guns against people who tried to rob em rape em or kill them with illegal handguns,without guns all america is victims for criminals and when people wake up and see that fact it will be a far better america

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