Monday, February 14, 2011

Gun Deaths in the United States Compared to the United Kingdom

This is the year 2011, not the time of the 1800's Wild, Wild West. But you wouldn't know it by counting the amount of people killed by guns in this country! Firearms are a big problem in the United States of America and we need to find a better solution.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) wants all Americans to own a gun and hence be safer. But unfortunately, having so many guns will not make us safer. Contrary to what the NRA mentions, it is actually making our country far more dangerous than we want to admit. Why? Because arming citizens with firearms is the wrong approach. Other countries have taken a different approach toward deadly crime by taking away firearms from their citizens. The results of this action have been astonishingly positive in the number of deaths related to guns. The NRA refers to laws that are archaic by nature, in order to justify American's carrying guns. Unlike the Wild, Wild West, today's civilization is perfectly able to deal with differences amongst it's citizens by going to courts where laws are enforced.

The United Kingdom does not allow it's citizens to carry firearms. Most of their police officers, except for a few, don't even carry guns! United Kingdom police officers rely mostly on Tasers for controlling crime. Due to this less deadly transition made by their police, the United Kingdom has far less citizen casualties than the United States does. In fact this is a trend happening in many civilized nations.

Below are some numbers that don't lie. These are figures taken from legit sources and they reflect some pretty amazing results.

Gun fatalities for the year 2000 
 (Includes suicides, homocides and accidents)

United States: National Safety Council...... 28,163

United Kingdom: Gun Control Network.......... 204

How many more casualties should we withstand in our society before we learn and change our system?

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