Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nightclub Safety for Single Women

Saturday night and you're all dressed up to have a good time at your favorite nightclub! You plan to meet some friends or perhaps get to know some new people. It will be a great evening if you keep your head on straight and practice some common sense safety measures.

To start off, one of the best safety practices when single women go to a nightclub is to go with a friend or friends. Not only will you be safer, but you can select who the designated driver will be. Also an important advantage of having a friend go with you is that if you meet someone, you can introduce them to your friend. This is good practice, in case for some reason you disappear, your friend would remember the person's face and their name. It might be nice if you add some comments while you introduce them, perhaps what wonderful eyes or hair they have. Mentioning something that describes their appearance is important. "Where are you from?", is a good conversation piece too! Plus, never leave a nightclub with a person you just met! If you go alone to a nightclub, make sure to introduce yourself to several people.

If you decide to have an alcohol drink at the nightclub, keep date rape drugs in mind. Go directly to the bartender for your drink and watch him or her pour it. Always keep your eyes on your drink! If a waiter brings you a drink, make sure that it is in a closed container. Remember to request a closed container when ordering your drink. Single women should NEVER drink from an open punch bowl, either!

If you go to a nightclub on your own, and have been drinking, ask the bartender to call for a taxi. Never drink alcohol and drive. If the nightclub is far from your home, perhaps the taxi can take you to a nearby hotel. The next morning, you can get a ride to your car and drive safely home. Better yet, if you know you are going to drink alcohol, just take a taxi to the nightclub and a taxi back home! Or even some sort of public transportation, to and from the nightclub.

One more thing... single women should ALWAYS carry some sort of personal safety device such as a pepper spray, stun gun or personal alarm. Especially if they are going to take public transportation and are alone!
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