Saturday, December 8, 2007

First Dates can be Dangerous

It's exciting to go out with a guy for the first time on a date. Remember though that you don't know him well enough to trust him. I've heard of numerous times when dates go VERY bad. I'm talking about when things get out of hand and he wants to get physical but you don't. Sexual assault is unfortunately an event you need to be prepared for in case it happens. Carrying self defense products is one of the best ways to prevent getting raped. You might consider taking w/you some pepper spray or stun gun. Stun guns in particular come in all shapes and sizes. Some are so small that they fit in the palm of your hand. Others are disguised as cell phones or pagers. Pepper sprays come in many different ways too. Some pepper sprays look like rings that you just place on one of your fingers. Other pepper sprays look like a lipstick or perfume container that you can just take out and they think you are just going to touch up! You can carry any of these items in your purse or in the case of the pepper ring, you can wear it on you! There really is no excuse to not be protected and prevent from becoming a victim.
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