Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Taser C2 Soon Available in 3 Extra New Colors!

PLUS a Stylish MP3 Player Holster!
Taser International Inc. announced this month that the Taser C2 will be available soon in 3 extra colors! The new colors will be; Leopard, Fashion Pink and Red Hot and consumers are already placing their orders. The new colors are expected to ship out in late February or March. These new colors will come in Taser C2s that have laser sight only. All colors except for the Black Pearl Taser C2, come with laser sight. Black Pearl is the only color available with laser sight or without. The colors available now are: Metallic Pink, Electric Blue, Titanium Silver and Black Pearl.
Along with the new colors, an MP3 player holster will be available also, for those who want to carry up to 1 GB of music along with their Taser C2! This holster will also become available in late February or March. Presently the holsters available are the hard case available only in black, soft case available in black and in pink and the Neoprene available in black.
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