Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 New Years Resolution: To Live a Long Life?

Todays Headline: Americas Oldest Man Dies at 112
Wow! Can you imagine living that long? What's your new years resolution for 2009?

George Francis lived through WWI and WWII and was 112 years old plus 204 days. He was an African-American who was born on June 6, 1896, in New Orleans. He lived and experienced the racial tensions in the South. Was married and had 3 children, one of which is shown in the photo. His daughter who is 81 is holding a newspaper with President-elect Barack Obama on the front page, whom George voted for on the last elections.

I can't help but ask myself, would I want to live that long? Would you want to be around for that many years? I guess if it depended on our wishes and not purely on our health, if you love life, like most of us do, the answer would be YES! I think about this quite often because it so happens, I have a grandmother that is going to be 105 this coming February. It looks like she is going to be around for 2009!

I think about how she has lived her life. I've asked her what she normally eats, drinks, etc. I do know one thing, she is a non-smoker and doesn't drink alcohol. She has seen everybody that she knew during her youth, pass away, including her husband. It not only takes good health, it also takes emotional strength. My grandmother always had and still has a lot of determination and was disciplinary many a times with me, while I was growing up. She had and still has a very strong personality. She used to ride a horse as a young woman and was around when the first cars came out, which of course, she drove. She lived most of her young adult life on a farm with my grandfather and 5 children. Every night before bedtime she would grab their rifle and fire it up in the air, "to let other people and critters know, not to mess with her property or family" she stated. I attribute her longevity to the healthy lifestyle of being out in the country. Especially since back then, there were no pesticides.

With the new year coming, we all think about the life we have had in the past and what the new year will bring us. I hope all your wishes for 2009 come true and that you LIVE A LONG & HAPPY LIFE!
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