Monday, July 13, 2009

Would You Ban Plastic Bottled Water?

A small town in Australia is doing just that. Residents of Bundanoon, Australia claim that it is not good for the environment, along with other complaints.

How far would you go if you knew for a fact that tap water was no less hazardous to drink than bottled water? Many experts claim that tap water is just as safe as bottled water and that most bottled water actually lack certain minerals that humans need to stay healthy. There also have been recent scientific studies showing that plastic bottles release a synthetic type of hormone that makes it easier for women to get pregnant! Maybe Bundanoon, Australia is on the right track...

We all know that food franchises such as McDonalds and others, discontinued serving their drinks in plastic containers and are now using paper cups. They were aware of the contaminants that leak out of plastic containers when heated... Many people still drink bottled water in their cars, after the container has been previously heated by the sun.

Many federal organizations in the United States have discontinued handing out bottled water in their meetings too. This is not because it is unhealthy but because it also wastes a lot of federal funds and taxpayers money, to make and transport bottled water. In fact over 60 cities in the US do not have bottled water in their city meetings and many cities in Canada are doing the same thing.

I think that if we must buy bottled water, that we at least request the bottlers to use glass instead of plastic containers. Same for milk and other plastic contained food manufacturers. Besides, it tastes BETTER!
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