Monday, September 28, 2009

Stun Batons for Home Use

When you hear about batons, you think about the police using them against crowds. But batons aren't just for police use anymore. Many security guards and animal control officers use batons and now citizens are using them as well. We are talking about stun batons with electrical volts and not just the ordinary baton! You rarely will see someone on the streets carrying one, but many homeowners are starting to see the benefits of having one in their home instead of keeping a baseball bat under their bed!

Benefits of Stun Batons
The most obvious benefit that this self defense product has is the extra reach you acquire. Some, like the Expandable Stun Baton, can reach from 12 1/2 inches to 21 inches! Stun batons are not just for hitting someone over the head with, they also can electrically shock a person.

Stun Baton Features
Stun batons, like stun guns, have electrical volts that if used on a person, can knock them down and disable them temporarily. If a homeowner just test fires a stun baton into the air, it's intimidating electrical sound is often enough to stop an attacker in their tracks. Simply touching an attacker or home intruder with this self defense product for 3 to 5 seconds will deliver a high voltage shock, causing loss of balance and muscle control, confusion and disorientation, bringing them to their knees and making them incapable of aggressive moves. Besides having the extra reach as mentioned previously, some of these self defense products have ear piercing 130 decibel alarms besides the 1,000,000 volts that some batons contain. There are stun batons that also function as flashlights. This is even more convenient because it allows you to see the intruder if it is dark. Another feature that some stun batons have is the capacity to stun the attacker with the sides of the baton as well as with the tip of it. If the home intruder or attacker tries to grab the baton from you, he or she will be shocked while touching the baton's sides. Some of the newer stun baton models are rechargeable, so the homeowner does not need to purchase extra batteries. In addition, most come with a convenient safety switch, holster and lifetime warranty.
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