Monday, November 1, 2010

Pepper Spray with Extended Reach

Looking for pepper spray that reaches the most distance? This article will focus on and compare two products that shoot pepper spray the farthest and are legal to be carried by citizens in most USA States. The products being compared are Guardian Angel Blaster, manufactured by Kimber and Mace Pepper Gun. Both of these pepper spray products also shoot with higher than average pressure, which helps when aiming towards an attacker. The following information will include distance or reach, amount of shots each product contains, features and's price.

Guardian Angel Blaster
• Distance or reach, 13 feet
• 2 shots or blasts

FEATURES: Small with ergonomic design, this product shoots pepper spray at an incredible 90 MPH speed. The burst is so strong that it can penetrate face masks and go around eyeglasses! This results in very little cross contamination issues such as blow back in windy conditions. It will not loose pressure with time. Guardian Angel Blaster can be shot at any angle, unlike pepper sprays that can only be shot upright. Comes with a clip and if desired, also has a holster that can be purchased separately.
WomenOnGuard price: $46.74

Mace Pepper Gun
• Distance or reach, 25 feet
• 7 shots or blasts per cartridge

FEATURES: Gun shaped pepper spray that shoots from replaceable cartridges. Comes with a practice water cartridge and an OC pepper cartridge. It also has a trigger activated LED light for better aiming, that also temporarily helps disorient an attacker. The Mace Pepper Gun can be shot at any angle, unlike pepper sprays that can only be shot upright. You can also get 2 different types of holsters that can be purchased separately. Available in 4 colors: blue, silver, blue/black and pink.
WomenOnGuard price: $89.95
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