Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Compact Pepper Spray contains 1/2 Ounce, Same as Other Sprays.

The compact Pepper Shot™ pepper spray is a 10% defense spray that is smaller than the average pepper spray on the market today. Yet, this weapon contains the same amount of hot solution. The reason it is smaller is because most other sprays have a plastic or leather case surrounding them, where as this compact spray doesn't. It comes in the original small can.

The convenience of having a compact pepper spray is that it will fit practically anywhere. The Pepper Shot™ not only is smaller but also has a convenient quick key release keychain. Other pepper sprays have just a regular key ring. The advantages of having a quick key release chain is that for example if your pepper spray is attached to your car keys and you need to use it right away, you can detach it from the rest of your keys and still keep your car keys in the ignition.

This spray not only has the same amount of solution and a quick key release chain, but it also reaches 7 feet, just as other sprays do. This pepper spray also contains 5 to 6 shots and includes a UV Dye that helps police identify an attacker.
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