Thursday, July 6, 2017

Mace® Rhinestone Lipstick Pepper Spray, Available in Pink, Black and Silver, Only $29.99

We are in the middle of Summer and as usual there are many parties or night clubs to go to. But beware, you always need some protection!

At we have the most elegant looking lipsticks to take with you for those special parties or nightclubs. But these makeup units have a secret… You see, they really are disguised pepper spray self defense units! The Mace® Rhinestone Pink, Black or Silver units are really for self defense. You don’t spread it on your lips, you protect yourself with them by spraying it on the face of a bad intentioned individual! 

These beautiful, disguised Mace Rhinestone self defense lipstick units are very handy to carry because they each have a convenient ring on them, so you can attache it to your purse or pocket. These pepper spray units can reach up to 10 feet and contain approximately 5 bursts of pepper spray! When spraying at an attacker, aim toward their eyes and entire face. They most likely will inhale it as well as getting a burning sensation in their face and eyes. PLUS, it also can be inhaled, for even more devastation to a dangerous creep!

It’s also important to never leave these beautiful Mace Rhinestone lipstick disguised units, where they can be heated by the sun or inside a hot car. Keep these with you at all times, for protection against attackers.

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