Friday, December 7, 2018

Triple Self Defense Package!

Looking for a self defense unit? Well, we have something even better... It's the Triple Self Defense Package! It includes 3 units you will love! A Personal Alarm, Stun Gun and Pepper Spray.

Here are 3 units you can buy as a package for self defense that will protect you from attackers! See below the 3 units and their help to keep you safe. We call it the Triple Self Defense Package!

Mini Personal Panic Alarm - This mini personal alarm with 120dbB will let others know that you are in a predicament. Includes an LED light that you can shine into their face, too. All you have to do is squeeze it and others will know your need help.

Stun Gun - This unit has 18 million volts of power to drop an attacker to the ground, while you make your escape! All you have to do is press the the red lever. Available in several colors and includes a flashlight and a disable pin, as well! Very convenient to carry with you all the time.

Pepper Spray - This unit with quick key release has 1/2 ounce pepper! It's available in soft case or hard case. It includes a quick key release, as well! Plus, it includes a UV Dye that can help police identify an individual if he or she is captured.

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