Friday, November 14, 2008

Safety Gifts For The Holidays

There is nothing better than a safety gift that will protect the life of a loved one or your own.

There are many safety gifts you can choose from that are reasonably priced and great for stocking stuffers. You can also choose more pricier ones that are sure to impress and surprise anyone! Among the reasonably priced gifts are pepper sprays or Mace pepper spray. Some pepper sprays come disguised as lipstick containers or pens. These are convenient because no one suspects you are carrying a self defense product. Most pepper spray products have key rings that make them handy to carry around with your house or car keys. You can get a great deal purchasing them in a package of 6. Personal alarms are also a favorite, reasonably priced self defense product, especially among women. Personal alarms can come with key chains, flashlights and some can even be attached to a door and used as a door alarm. You can also give higher priced gifts such as a Taser C2 or a medium priced gift such as a stun gun.

Giving a self defense product as a gift for the holidays is unexpected and the person you give it to will appreciate it and probably carry it with them all the time! It is a gift that shows you care.
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