Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trash Buddy Dogs

I bet you are wondering what the title of this post means. What do dogs and trash dumpsters have in common? Well in my home, my dogs take turns escorting me out to the trash dumpster every night. What better way for them to relieve themselves before bedtime and at the same time protect me from strangers!

Photo by DBduo Photography
If you live in an apartment complex or a condo and you have a dog, try taking him or her with you when taking out your waste to the trash dumpster. It doesn't matter if they are a large or small breed, either way they will attack or make a lot of noise! Small dogs are often the most fearless and most vocal! Most people like to take their trash out at night and people that live in buildings are more likely to be assaulted when walking through their complexes in the dark. I also carry pepper spray with me. You never know if a stranger with bad intentions will show up or a mean Rocky the Raccoon might want to defend it's delicious trashy meal! Your dog and pepper spray also come in handy when checking your mail at one of those mail box booths most complexes have.

This routine is an opportunity to bond more with your pet and feel safer at the same time!
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