Monday, January 5, 2009

FREE shoes anyone?

Some of you ladies would appreciate this story. It seems that commuters driving down an expressway in Miami, Florida, last Friday morning, came across thousands of new shoes laid out all over the highway! There were all kinds of shoes, all sizes and colors.

Can you imagine..? You are driving down the highway when all of sudden you see in the distance, something shining in different colors directly in front of you. As you get closer, you discover that what you are seeing are hundreds of brand spanking new beautiful fashionable shoes, thrown out there just for you to grab. You think, WOW, an opportunity to go shopping for FREE before I get to work today! Now this is the kind of Friday us girls only dream of... An opportunity to pickup some new shoes right before going out the following Saturday night.

I know I would have gotten out of my car and raked some of those babies up myself. But it wasn't too long before authorities came to push the shoes toward the curb and pick them all up. Gosh darn it! Who was the tattle tale who cell phoned the authorities about this treasure?!!!

Oh well, it turns out that the police are going to give them to a charity. So, that's a good thing too.
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