Friday, January 30, 2009

Atlanta Woman Uses Taser Gun to Help Officer in Distress

Wow, a woman actually helping the police! She is definitely a hero in our book. Her name is Tanisha Cross and she is from Atlanta, GA.

Tanisha, a 20-year-old-mother, had gotten a stun gun from her husband for Christmas last year and she sure put it to good use last Sunday!

She was with her mother in a car headed toward Wal-Mart when they saw a police officer in distress. She told her mother to pull over so they could try to help him. There were spectators all around, but no one was helping the officer whose radio had been taken away from him and he somehow was sprayed with pepper spray by the attacker. She ran to her baby's diaper bag and got out her stun gun. She asked the officer if she could help and he said "Yea". Tanisha went ahead and stunned the attacker in his arms and legs. The officer was able to regain his composure and fight back until a security guard came to help.

Tanisha mentioned that she was just doing the right thing and that she was glad that the attacker was not able to take the officer's gun!
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