Friday, February 6, 2009

A customer in Texas, uses TASER on a client

A customer of called us on the phone today. She lives in Texas and purchased a TASER X26c from us last week. The woman wanted to let us know that she had to use her TASER against one of her clients and also wanted to thank us.

Our customer has a home based office and has clients coming and going all the time. This particular client got upset and was becoming very belligerent with our customer. The woman quietly asked him to wait a minute. She walked out of the room, went to her bedroom, got her TASER and placed it in her pocket. After that she went back to where her client was and told him that he should leave. He proceeded out the door and head towards his car. However, he turned back around and started to lunge towards her. That was when she quickly took out her TASER, pointed it at him and shot. He fell to the ground immediately and was unable to get up. During this time she quickly called the police and they arrived within a couple of minutes. The woman explained to the police what had happened and they told her that she did the right thing.

Talk about timing! She was so glad that she purchased a TASER from and that the police arrived so quickly.
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