Friday, February 13, 2009

TASER Inventor Dead at 88

John H. Cover Jr., who invented the non-lethal weapon called the TASER, passed away February 7th, 2009. John 'Jack' Cover had Alzheimer's Disease, but died from complications of pneumonia.

Mr. Cover was the founder of TASER International Systems which he started in 1970. His company was acknowledged for saving many lives by launching the TASER, a non-lethal weapon. He was born in 1920 and had a BS in Physics from the University of Chicago and also earned a Ph.D. in physics. Mr. Cover had worked for Hughes Space Division, IBM and North American Aviation. He was also part of a team that won the Prime contract for NAA in 1961-62 on the Apollo Moon Landing Program. Mr. Cover was also involved in a number of USA Defense Programs and was a Military Pilot (Major) in World War II.

John H. Cover, Jr. will be remembered for his extensive work in protecting the lives of many human beings.
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