Friday, May 15, 2009

Pepper Spray Pen for Self Defense in the Workplace

A pen is something we all carry at one time or another. But a pepper spray pen can also be your unnoticed weapon of self defense. Whether you take it to your workplace or college campus, this uniquely disguised weapon can actually be used to prevent crime because of it's element of surprise.

No one would expect you to be armed with pepper spray by looking at the pen. A pepper spray pen can be carried like any other pen. It looks like a normal pen with a convenient clip. It can be placed in your pocket, in your backpack, in a purse or in a desk organizer. Even if someone is looking to see if you have pepper spray hidden somewhere in your workplace, they won't suspect a pen to be your weapon!

Self defense pepper spray pens come in different colors and the spray can reach an attacker 5 to 7 feet away. These pens usually have enough pepper spray to be sprayed 5 or 6 times and are available in a 17% pepper concentration. Most pepper pens contain a UV dye that facilitates police identification of an attacker by leaving an invisible dye on the attacker's face.

Pepper spray pens are great for self defense in the workplace. There's only one thing you have to remember though, they don't write!
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