Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Serial killer is loose in Milwaukee

This killer is unknown and has no police record but his DNA has been found on the bodies of 5 prostitutes in Milwaukee. Over the last 21 years, this serial killer has taken advantage of these consensual prostitute victims. The first victim was on October 10th, 1986. The serial killer's last prostitute victim was in April 2007.

There are 20 other DNA samples of murdered prostitutes which are unsolved homicide cases that will be sent to the state crime laboratory. These will be compared to the serial killer's DNA, to find out if there are more victims linked to him.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney, John Chisholm mentioned that his office is determined "to find the killer that's in our community". He went on to say, "We are committed to bringing justice to the victims and their families." Since the serial killer has no criminal record, authorities will have to depend on DNA and profiles with close matches to his, in order to get any future leads.
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