Thursday, August 20, 2009

Detroit 12 year old boy shoots a woman to death

Demarco Harris, a juvenile, killed 24 year old Trisha Babcock on August 1st , during a robbery just after midnight in Detroit, Michigan. He shot her in the chest with a gun after a struggle. She had been sitting in her car and later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Demarco Harris could face life in a Michigan prison for his felony. The prosecutor's office filed the case with an adult designation. In the state of Michigan, this means that a child is tried in juvenile court and after conviction, a judge has the option to sentence the juvenile as an adult or a juvenile or the decision can be postponed until the child reaches adulthood. Demarco Harris was charged with felony murder, armed robbery, having a firearm during a felony and violating curfew!

Times have really changed. What parent of a 12 year old, lets them out on the streets of Detroit pass midnight? Did the child's parents know he had a gun? Many parents accuse the schools or society in general if their children become criminals. But there is no excuse for parents to loose that special bond and communication with their child. It is up to the parent's, not the school, not the church or society, to raise children.
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