Monday, August 31, 2009

Georgia Trailer Park Murders

Early Saturday, a man in Georgia called 911 about a mass killing. Police showed up at the scene and discovered 7 people dead and 2 in critical condition. The man who called, Guy Heinze Jr., 22, is not considered a suspect although he is under arrest on drug and other charges. Police have reason to believe that Heinze has given them false statements. Guy Heinze is also a relative to one of the victims. The murders where committed in a trailer park called New Hope in a town just north of Brunswick, GA and police believe that the murderer is still on the loose.
One of the critically injured victims in the trailer park died on Sunday, raising the total number of dead to eight. Autopsies of the first 7 dead victims were started on Sunday. The county's coroner's office director mentioned that the crime scene was brutal and that he had never seen a case like this in his 17 years at the coroner's office. Georgia police are not giving much information out to the public, but they did mention that the age range of the victims was from a young age to a very old age. They also stated that there was no evidence of it being a murder-suicide case, since none of the victims were suspected of being involved in the murders. Georgia authorities are warning the New Hope trailer park residents to be cautious of their surroundings. Twenty detectives have been assigned to the case and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is also involved.
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