Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday Party Safety Tips

We are getting closer to that special time of the year when people get closer together and share their love and friendship with each other. This includes parties, dinners and an overall joyful experience for the most part. But what about the times when it isn't so joyful? What about the time when someone drinks too much or someone gets into an unwanted situation? Below you will find some handy tips to keep in mind so your Holiday can be safe and enjoyable.

Party Safety Tips
It's not a party if there is no drinking! Obviously the main rule to remember is to not drink and drive! But also keep in mind this Holiday that with all the hoopla, some people like to take advantage of others. A big concern, is someone putting something in your drink that can harm or impair your judgement or even worst, make you unconscious. Below are some safety tips to remember when you are at a party or nightclub.
  • Never get a drink from the punch bowl.
  • Accept drinks that are from other people, waitresses or waiters only if they are sealed or in closed containers.
  • If getting your drink from the bartender, keep an eye on him or her until they give you your drink.
  • While you are interacting with others, always keep an eye on your opened drink.
  • Have a designated sober driver picked from your group before you go out together for drinks.
  • If you are going to a party alone and consume alcohol, call a taxi cab or phone someone you know that is not drinking to take you home. You can also use public transportation or stay at a hotel close by overnight.
  • If you are walking home alone, avoid going through dark pathways and try to choose places where there are other people around. It's always good to carry a self defense weapon such as pepper spray or a stun gun.
Of course these safety tips are not only good during the Holidays, but all year round! Enjoy the season safely!
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