Tuesday, November 3, 2009

6 Bodies Found at Ohio Rapist's Home

A previously convicted rapist that served 15 years in prison for raping a 21 year old woman back in 1989, was arrested again by Cleveland, Ohio police last Saturday. Anthony Sowell allegedly raped another woman last week. She informed police of the crime and that is what lead the authorities to his home. Two bodies were discovered at first in his home and later 4 other decomposing bodies were found. All 6 women were black, 5 had been strangled to death. The cause of death of the 6th woman has not been determined. Ohio police do not think that they will find other bodies, but a cadaver dog will be taken to the house to search further.

This crime in Cleveland is yet another example of the fact that rapists are repeat offenders and that their prison sentences should be extended considerably for their crimes. Anthony Sowell was a registered sex offender and was required to check in regularly at the Sheriff's office. He followed the rules given to him for his crime, yet still managed to rape women. He is now, not just a rapist, but a serial killer. This proves that the system does not work and needs to be drastically revamped. As it stands now, there are an awful lot of rapists that are loose, comply with their sheriff's office, and still rape and even kill women throughout our neighborhoods.

Other bodies have been found at Sowell’s home. This brings the total number of bodies to 11.
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