Monday, December 28, 2009

Respect for Women in the Military

Women as well as men, need to work for a living. In most careers, women have gotten the respect they well deserve for their hard work. OK, there are issues with women not getting equal compensation for the same jobs held by men... But lets put that aside for now and instead focus on one particular career for women that has proven to treat women with not only a lack of respect, but a career in which women are laughed at, bullied, raped and even killed by their fellow workers. A career in which women are outnumbered by co-workers who seem to think that they are beyond the law and can get away with murder if they want to. The career we are talking about is the Military Career. Whether women join the Air Force, Army, Navy or the Marines, it is common knowledge that they get treated by some of their fellow soldiers, as secondary citizens. Many female soldiers are victims of stalking, sexual assault or rape, and other hate crimes. More often than not, the military ignores these victims and looks the other way.

The Air Force, Army, Navy or the Marines, seem to think that their profession is exempt from treating women with respect. They forget that they represent our country and not a third world country where women are victimized and treated like animals. It is so against what our country stands for! Women must stand together and make sure that these crimes do not go unpunished. We need to make sure that the U.S. Military follows the same rules of conduct that Corporate, Manufacturing and Retail America does. American soldiers should abide by the law or face consequences. We ask that all American women, speak out against these crimes and make our government elected officials aware of our disapproval.
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