Saturday, August 7, 2010

Buy a Taser C2 and Get 5 FREE Cartridges Plus a Free Holster at!

There is no better deal on the Internet than what is offering to it's customers. Normally our website includes 2 free extra cartridges and a free holster, with the full purchase price of $349.99 for a Taser C2 with Laser. The unit already comes packaged with one cartridge which altogether adds up to 3 cartridges.

As most consumers know, Taser C2s come in an inactive state to prevent misuse. New owners have to activate their units through Taser International, either by calling them or going online at Recently Taser International came out with a special coupon that we, at, are including with Taser C2s sent to our customers. This coupon is good for 2 more free cartridges when you activate your Taser online through Taser International's website. To receive 2 free cartridges from Taser International, your unit must be activated online only. Customers will receive one cartridge packaged with the unit, 2 additional cartridges from us, followed by 2 more from Taser International, which adds up to 5 FREE CARTRIDGES! Plus, offers FREE shipping to their Taser customers!
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