Friday, August 27, 2010

Traveling with Pepper Spray, Tasers or Stun Guns

Are you planing to go on a trip but aren't sure you can take your self defense product? This is a concern many people have and we wanted to find out for you, exactly what the United States' rules are in regards to this. This information is only for driving or airplane trips, not for traveling on cruise ships or trains.

First thing is first; if you are driving and staying in the USA, you need to find out the restrictions of the state you are planning to stay in. Go to State Restrictions on our website. It might be against the law to carry a Taser, pepper spray, Mace or stun gun in the state you are going to. Your weapon could be taken away from you by a police officer or you might get a hefty fine for carrying one. If you are crossing the border to Canada or Central and South America, you need to find out the restrictions of the country you are headed to. Border patrols most likely will confiscate your self defense product from you. No they won't keep it for you, until you get back through, it's a goner!

If your plans are to travel by air, the same restrictions apply as mentioned above. But when on an airplane, there are also other considerations you need to keep in mind. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has certain guidelines that need to be followed when boarding a plane with your Taser, pepper spray, Mace or stun gun. Airplanes prohibit self defense products from entering the cabin area, period. You cannot carry-on weapons on a plane, they must go through Check-in, along with the other luggage that ends up on the bottom part of the airplane.

Besides making sure your self defense product is not carried with you into the cabin, there are also certain conditions the TSA has, for accepting your Taser, pepper spray, Mace or stun gun on board. All stun device weapons must be inside a protective package, box or pack. This is to make sure that for instance the Taser, doesn't shoot out the probes and somehow injure a poor puppy that might be nearby or damage other people's luggage! If taking pepper spray or Mace spray, the TSA does not allow containers larger than 4 fl. oz. Any container detected that is larger than that, will be taken from you!

May your travelings be safe and hassle free!
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