Thursday, October 21, 2010

How Pepper Spray Works and The Different Types

Pepper spray has been around for a very long time. It was used by ancient armies, centuries ago! This self defense weapon, even though it's been around for ever and it's simple and easy to use, still has that horrible burning impact when someone gets sprayed by it. Not only does it burn the eyes so much that the attacker needs to close them shut, but it also makes them cough, non-stop! The fact that their eyes are closed, makes it possible for you to leave the scene safely. The secret ingredient is one of the most hottest peppers in the world, called Oleoresin Capsicum or OC for short.

Most pepper spray, now a days, have an invisible UV dye that aid police in identifying and detaining an attacker. Some Mace sprays even contain tear gas! Lets not forget that some attackers can be fierce dogs too and not just human! Mace also has Muzzle, which is a spray for defense against mean dogs too. There are also many types or forms of sprays. You can pick from 90 mph strong bursts or spray types that reach a distance of up to 25 feet! Not only do they come in different looking canisters that are disguised as lipstick, for example, but you can also choose how the pepper is shot toward an attacker. Streetwise pepper spray or Mace Brand personal defense sprays come in:

Stream (the most popular)
Powder (the newest kind)

Concealment is a new issue for some of us today. If you prefer to carry pepper spray without people knowing about it, perhaps to work or college, there are many shapes available and they can look like:

Walking Weight
Tubular Thing
Sleek Thing

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