Monday, October 18, 2010

Domestic Violence Project Receives Pepper Spray Donation from Women On Guard™

Women On Guard™ donated pepper spray to the domestic violence UnderWings Project in Cleveland, Ohio.

Pompano Beach, FL, October 18th, 2010. The self defense products website, Women On Guard™ has donated pepper spray to the UnderWings Project after they requested to be a recipient of the on going donations that started back in 2007. The website donates on a regular basis, nationwide, to a women’s crisis center or similar cause. They sell pepper sprays, Mace, Tasers, stun guns, personal alarms and more. The website also includes hotlines, safety tips and a blog.

The UnderWings Project is a two sister joint effort to find preventative measures to save the lives of women caught-up in the cycle of domestic violence. Their mission is to provide programs and services designed to restore wholeness to those whose lives have been impacted by domestic violence. They provide educational, art, music therapy, motivational and safety training in their peer life support groups located in Cleveland and Maple Heights, Ohio in disclosed locations for safety purposes and in order to be accessible to more women. The UnderWings Project has been a self-funded, non-profit organization for almost four years until October 4, 2010. Thanks to The Allstate Foundation, they received their first major grant and now are able to proceed with their Employment, Retention, and Wellness Clinic.

Susan Eaton, one of the owners of Women On Guard mentioned, “It’s a shame that this topic comes up only when a famous person or celebrity is involved in it. Mel Gibson’s abuse toward his wife rose national exposure to this problem. Unfortunately it happens every day to many women in this country and around he world.” Susan stressed that it also doesn’t just hurt women but if they have children, it affects them as well. She also emphasized that a restraining order against the abuser, such as Mel Gibson, many times doesn’t work, and sometimes the women end up being killed.

Women On Guard wants to express that all of us could make a difference by being more observant of our family, friends and co-workers. Martha, the other owner of the website, said, “There are many Mel Gibson’s out there that need to be stopped!”

Below is a list of signs we can look for if we suspect someone we know is in a domestic violence situation:

-       Injuries or bruises and wearing long sleeves on hot days or sunglasses indoors, in an attempt to hide them
-       Missing too many days from work or school
-       Shows very low self-esteem
-       Personality change or not acting like themselves
-       Self-blaming for most everything that happens wrong at school or work; this feeling comes from their abusive home where they are accused of instigating the violence
-       Children of domestic violent homes, act out the violence in school, by becoming a class bully 
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